Foundations of Constraint Programming


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Basic resources

  • Lecture notes [PDF]
  • A list of references [PDF]
  • Constraint Programming - What is behind? [PDF]
    R. Barták, in J. Figwer (editor) Proceedings of the Workshop on Constraint Programming in Decision and Control, June 1999, Poland.
  • Theory and Practice of Constraint Propagation [PDF]
    R. Barták, in J. Figwer (editor) Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Constraint Programming in Decision and Control, June 2001, Poland.
  • Modelling Soft Constraints: A Survey [PDF]
    Barták, R., in Neural Network World, Vol. 12, Number 5, pp. 421-431, 2002.
  • Constraint-Based Scheduling: An Introduction for Newcomers [PDF]
    Barták, R., in Proceedings of 7th IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS 2003), Elsevier Science, 2003 (to appear).
  • On-line Guide to Constraint Programming, 1998 [WWW]
  • Constraints Archive [WWW]
  • P. Van Hentenryck: Constraint Satisfaction in Logic Programming, MIT Press, 1989
  • E. Tsang: Foundations of Constraint Satisfaction, Academic Press, 1993
  • K. Marriott, P.J. Stuckey: Programming with Constraints: An Introduction, MIT Press, 1998

Thema-based resources

Binarisation of constraints

  • On the equivalence of constraint satisfaction problems
    F. Rossi, V. Dahr and C. Petrie, in Proc. European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-90), Stockholm, 1990. Also MCC Technical Report ACT-AI-222-89.
  • On the conversion between Non-Binary and Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    F. Bacchus, P. van Beek, in Proc. National Conference on Artifical Intelligence (AAAI-98), Madison, Wisconsin, 1998.
  • Encodings of Non-Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    K. Stergiou, T. Walsh, in Proc. National Conference on Artifical Intelligence (AAAI-99), Orlando, Florida, 1999.
  • Using auxiliary variables and implied constraints to model non-binary problems
    B. Smith, K. Stergiou, T. Walsh, in Proc. National Conference on Artifical Intelligence (AAAI-00), Austin, Texas, 2000.
  • Non-Binary Constraints
    C. Bessiere, in Proc. Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP-99), Alexandria, Virginia, USA, 1999.

Search algorithms

  • Backtracking algorithms for constraint satisfaction problems; a survey
    R. Dechter, D. Frost, in Constraints, International Journal, 1998.
  • Dynamic Backtracking
    M.L. Ginsberg, in Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 1, pages 25-46, 1993.
  • Iterative Broadening
    M.L. Ginsberg, W.D. Harvey, In AAAI Proceedings, 1990.
  • Limited Discrepancy Search
    W.D. Harvey and M.L. Ginsberg, in Proceedings of IJCAI95, pages 607-613, 1995.

Consistency algorithms

  • Consistency in networks of relations [AC1-3, PC1-2]
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  • The complexity of some polynomial network consistency algorithms for constraint satisfaction problems [AC1-3, PC1-2]
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  • Arc and path consistency revised [AC4, PC3]
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  • Arc consistency for factorable relations [AC5]
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  • A generic arc-consistency algorithm and its specializations [AC5]
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  • Arc-consistency and arc-consistency again [AC6]
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  • Using constraint metaknowledge to reduce arc consistency computation [AC7]
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  • Path Consistency Revised [PC5]
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  • Improving Domain Filtering using Restricted Path Consistency [RPC]
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  • Neighborhood inverse consistency preprocessing [NIC]
    E. Freuder and C. D. Elfe, in Proceedings of the AAAI National Conference, pages 202-208, 1996.
  • Some practicable filtering techniques for the constraint satisfaction problem
    R. Debruyne and C. Bessi`ere, in Proceedings of the 15th IJCAI, pages 412-417, 1997.
  • Singleton Consistencies
    P. Prosser, K. Stergiou, T. Walsh, in Proc Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP2000), pages 353-368, 2000.
  • A generic customizable framework for inverse local consistency
    G. Verfaillie, D. Martinez, and C. Bessiere, in Proceedings of the AAAI National Conference, pages 169-174, 1999.
  • A filtering algorithm for constraints of difference in CSPs
    J.C. R'egin, in AAAI-94, in Proceedings of the Twelfth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pages 362-367, 1994
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Foundations of Constraint Programming