Constraints for Planning and Scheduling
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Dr. Roman Barták works as an assistant professor and a researcher at Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic). He leads Constraint & Logic Programming Research Group that is involved in activities of the ERCIM Working Group on Constraints, PLANET II and CologNet. Since 1999 he led research activities of Visopt BV, a multinational company located in The Netherlands, Israel, Germany, and the Czech Republic. He is the main architect of the scheduling engine being developed by this company. His work focuses on techniques of constraint satisfaction and their application to planning and scheduling. Since 1998 he is teaching a course on Constraint Programming at Charles University, he had several tutorials on CP at conferences and summer schools and he is an author of the On-line Guide to Constraint Programming.
address: Roman Barták, Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Malostranské nám. 2/25, 118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
phone: +420 221 914 242, fax: +420 221 914 323, e-mail: bartak (AT), Web: