Golden Prague - the magical city of bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and church domes, whose image has been mirrored in the surface of the Vltava river for more than ten centuries. Prague is also a modern European metropolis full of energy, music, and art. Discover Prague and its surroundings when attending PlanSIG 2007!
St. Vitus' Cathedral

St. Vitus' Cathedral (Katedrála Sv. Víta)

A gothic cathedral, the spiritual symbol of the Czech state, founded in the year 1344 by Jan Lucembursky (John of Luxembourg) and his sons Karel (Charles) and Jan Jindrich (John Henry) in the place of the original romanesque rotunda. Decorated by precious works of art it encloses St. Wenceslas' Chapel and the Crypt with tombs of Bohemian kings. The coronation jewels are deposited here, too.

Charles Bridge (Karlův most)

The oldest Prague bridge built in the place of the Judita's Bridge that had been badly damaged by a flood in 1342. The Stone or Prague Bridge since 1870 called Charles Bridge, was founded by Charles IV in the year 1357. Both ends of the bridge are fortified by towers (the Lesser Town Bridge Towers, the Old Town Bridge Tower). From 1683 to 1928 thirty sculptures and sculptural groups of the saints were gradually set on the bridge piers.

Charles Bridge in night
National Theater

National Theater (Národní divadlo)

A neo-rennaisance building erected in 1868 - 1881 as a result of a vast national collection (architect J. Zitek). A fire destroyed much of the building in its first year of existence; it was reconstructed by architect Josef Schulz in 1883. The outside and inside decoration was completed by the artists of the National Theater generation - M. Ales, F. Zenisek, V. Hynais, J. V. Myslbek, etc. The National Theater is the outstanding Czech stage and its repertoire consists of drama, opera and ballet performances.

... and Czech Beer (Pivo)

Before 1842 beers were dark and cloudy, until visionary brew-master created the world's first golden beer. This revolutional breakthrough took place in the city of Pilsen, in today's Czech Republic; the town and the beer have given its name to the new style of beer - Pilsner. Find out why the total consumption of beer in the Czech Republic - 160 liters per capita per year - is the highest in the world.

Pilsner Urquell
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