Spring School of Artificial Intelligence

Spring School of Artificial Intelligence will be organized by Department of Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematical Logic of Charles University. The event is held in an informal atmosphere with its program consisting of presentations of research papers by students. There is always enough time for non-scientific activities including hiking, biking or skiing (in some years, all of them).

Spring School 2024 will be held from 2 (Tuesday) to April 7 (Sunday) in Patejdlovka (Krkonoše, Czechia). You may take a look in the map.

Usually Spring School is by invitation only but you can still ask for attendance. In that case write us shortly where you have heard about it and little bit about your work and interests. Send us an email to fink (at) ktiml.mff.cuni.cz for any further information.

Basic information about talks

  • The main part of the scientific programme will be presentations of papers by the student participants. Ask your supervisor or a teacher of your favorite course to provide you a research paper for your presentation. If you want to give a talk on a paper not discussed with any member of our department, you should consult this with the organizers.
  • The talk should be in English. If you have significant problems with English language, you should consult them with the organizers.
  • There will be about three talks per day. Every talk has reserved time slot for 90 minutes. If you want even more time than those 90 minutes, let us know and you may get two time slots.
  • If you have any demands on date you want to give the talk, please write us. It will help us to pre-schedule the talks.
  • It will be possible to use a projector and a whiteboard/flipchart. For presentations, you can connect your own notebook or send me your presentation by an email or an UBS device.
  • If you have any special requirements please let us know.



What will be needed

  • Bring your own home shoes (slippers) and a towel.
  • We recommend to take your hiking boots since we may walk on snow (depending on the weather).
  • If you like, you can bring your bike or skies (depending on the weather).
  • You can bring a guitar or social games for evenings.
  • Sleeping pads and bags are unnecessary since a bed, a pillow and bedclothes are provided.


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