Rules for distant exams in Data Structures I (LS 2021/22)

The preferred form of the exam is in presence, but those who cannot attend (medical reasons, visa issues, travel restrictions, or war related issues) will be allowed to take the exam remotely. The remote exams will be equivalent to exams in presence and all details about the form and extend of the exam apply for them as well.

Exam dates will be listed in advance in SIS, but the capacity will be set to 0. To sign up for the exam please send me email stating the date and reasons why you wanted to take the exam remotely, and I will sign you up. (You can sign off from the exam in SIS yourself.) The actual capacity for one distance term is about 6 people.

The exam will run via Zoom using the Limnu app for a shared whiteboard. It is necessary to have a camera, headphones, a reliable connection and a room in which you will not be disturbed. In addition, you will need some device to take a photo of your written preparation to post it in Limnu. I recommend trying Limnu in advance, including inserting pictures on a trial whiteboard.

I will email a link for Zoom no later than the night before exam or publish it directly in the SIS. There will be a waiting room from which I will gradually admit students in the order of registration for the exam. While one will answer the question, the other two may be preparing. At the beginning, you will show your table and surroundings on the camera. After obtaining the questions, you will have about 30 minutes for preparation (with camera on). When you have the questions ready, you will let me know in the chat, take a photo of your preparation and put it in the Limnu board, which will be different for each student. So in Zoom others will hear our conversation, but will not see the notes. The Limnu board will serve as a record of the exam, so do not erase the board.

In case of unexpected problems, we will try to solve them flexibly. If there is a connection failure, I can decide (depending on the length of the outage and other circumstances) that the conditions for regularity of the exam were not ensured and cancel the exam or I can decide that the exam so far has been sufficient for determination of the final mark.