Data Structures I

Summer term 2019/20

Previous year: 2018/19 EN (by Martin Mareš)

Schedule: Monday 17:20-18:50, room S5.
Lecturer: Petr Gregor (gregor(at)
Information on the lecture: 2/1 Zk+Z NTIN066 in SIS

List of lectures
Here will be a list of topics covered by each lecture with a reference to study materials. For a plan of lectures see the previous year.

Recommended literature

The lecture is accompanied by practicals on Tuesdays 9:00-10:30 in S8 by Ondřej Mička, or on Thursdays 10:40-12:10 in SW1 by Vojtěch Hudeček.

Additional recommended course
There is an (optional) extension course called Implementation of Data Structures taught this term by Jiří Fink.

The exam will be oral with written preparation. Details on the form and extent of the exam are specified here. The credit from the practicals is required to pass the course, but not necessary to sign up for the exam. Exam dates will be available in SIS.

Consultation hours
After the lecture or by an (email) appointment.