Important information

Course material will be available on the e-learning platform Moodle (link below). Please register and enroll in our class, follow Moodle updates and read Moodle messages (email notifications are highly recommended), and use the discussion forum and Moodle messages whenever possible.

Let me know if you need any help signing up for Moodle. I wish you a fruitful and enjoyable semester!

Program of Classes

See Moodle.

General information

Credit requirements

There will be six homework assignments. In order to obtain credit, you should gain 70% of the total points. (Bonus points might be awarded for e.g. active participation.) If you gain at least 50% of the points, you will have an option to get the credit by passing a (more difficult) written test with at least 70%. This option can be at most once repeated.


Many in-class problems are taken from previous semesters, e.g. Petr Gregor's English tutorial or Czech tutorials by Petr KučeraCzech and by Vladan MajerechCzech. If you want extra practice, try exercises from the Sipser's book, or contact me.