Data Structures II

This course extends NTIN066 Data Structures I. It covers more advanced techniques of design and analysis of data structures: deterministic representation of static sets, data structures for integers, basic data structures for graphs, dynamic cache-oblivious search trees, dynamization, persistence, succinct data structures, computation in stream model.

Basic information

  • Name: Data Structures II
  • Code: NTIN067
  • Hours per week, examination: summer semester 2/0 Ex
  • Language: English or Czech
  • Schedule

Past lectures

  • Static deterministic dictionaries (21.2. a 28.2.)
    • Hagerup, T., Miltersen, P. B., & Pagh, R: Deterministic dictionaries. Journal of Algorithms, 41(1), 69-85, 2001. On-line
    • Lectures by Martin MareŇ° 24.2. a 2.3.
  • Integer data structures: van Emde-Boas, x-fast, y-fast and Fusion tress and bit tricks on RAM (7.3. a 14.3.)
    • Lectures by Martin MareŇ° 9.3. and 16.3.
    • Lectures by Erik Demaine L11 and L12
Slides from lectures and their compact version are regularly updated.