Spring 2020/21

  • Introcuctin to Artificial Intelligence (NAIL120)

  • Algorithms and Data Structures (in Czech) (NTIN060)

Autumn 2020/21

I do not teach any course

Thesis topics

Multi-Agent Pick up & Delivery

In Multi-agent pick up & delivery we are given a group of agents deployed in a certain environment modeled by an undirected graph. Consider an infinite stream of tasks, each characterized by a pick up and delivery location. The objective is to continuously assign tasks to agents and navigate them through the environment so that they successfuly finish executing their current task while minnimizing the average service time.
  • Individual SW project

    The student explores existing solution methods of MAPD, and develops his/her own algorithm, or a modification of an existing one. This algorithm is consequently compared with existing methods available in the literature.
  • Bachelor's thesis

    The student performs a detailed review of existing solution methods of MAPD and compares them with an own algorithm in a thorough experimental evaluation
  • Master's thesis

    In addition to the requirement above, the student is expected to focus of a certain aspect of his/her choice and investigate it furder. Examples of such research direction include study of special instances, situations when some agents malfunction and tasks with priorities.