Iveta Mrázová, Ph.D.                                     



Department of Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematical Logic

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Charles University in Prague

Malostranské nám. 25

118 00 Praha 1


e-mail: iveta.mrazovaATmff.cuni.cz








Professional experience:

·   since 2008 – associate profesor in the Department of Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematical Logic, Charles University in Prague

·   2007 – Doc. in Computer Science, Charles University in Prague

·   1998-2007 – assistant professor in the Department of Software Engineering, Charles University, Prague

·   2000 - RNDr. in Theoretical Computer Science, Charles University, Prague

·   1997 – Ph.D. in Computer Science, Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

·   1992 - 1998 - teaching assistant in the Department of Software Engineering, Charles University, Prague

·   1989 – MSc. in Theoretical Computer Science, F. Schiller University, Jena, Germany  


·   2007 – Best Paper Award of ANNIE 2007 for the paper "Enforced Knowledge Extraction with BP-Networks" – with Z. Reitermanová

·   2002/3 – Fulbright fellowship, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

·   2001 – Prize of Prof. Babuška for outstanding work in computer science

·   2000 – Best Paper Award of ANNIE 2000 for the paper "Generalized Relief Error Networks"

·   1996 – Annual Prize of the Bolzano Foundation for the collection of original publications on neural networks

Grant projects (since 2004):

·   2004–2006:  Intelligent information retrieval (Czech Science Foundation, grant No. 201/04/2102, principal investigator) 

·   2005–2009:  Methods for Intelligent Systems and their Application in Data Mining and Natural Language Processing (National Research Program “Information Society”  – grant project No. 1ET100300517)

·   2006–2008:  Behaviour, its analysis and learning (Grant Agency of the Charles University, project No. 358/2006/A-INF/MFF)

·   since 2010:   Structure and its impact for recognition (Czech Science Foundation, grant No. P103/10/0783, principal investigator)

·   since 2010:   NoSCoM: Non-standard computational models and their application in complexity, linguistics and learning (Czech Science Foundation, grant No. P202/10/1333)


·   Neural Networksbasic lecture

·   Data Mining basic lecture

·   Theory and Applications of Neural Networks advanced lecture

·   Artificial Intelligence II – advanced lecture

·   New Trends in Neural Networks I, II advanced student seminar

·   Intelligent Data Mining Techniques tutorial presented at ANNIE´2003, St. Louis, USA 

Selected publications (out of more than 40 papers):

·   I. Mrázová, D. Wang: Improved generalization of neural classifiers with enforced internal representation, Neurocomputing, Elsevier, Vol. 70, No. 16–18, (2007) 2940–2952. (IF 0.865)

·   I. Mrázová: Generalized Relief Error Networks and Patterns with Lower Errors, International Journal of Smart Engineering System Design, Taylor & Francis, Vol. 4, No. 3, (2002) 163–176. (IF 0.855)

·   I. Mrázová, C.H. Dagli: Semantic Clustering of the World Bank Data, in: International Journal of General Systems, Taylor & Francis, Vol. 37, No. 4, (2008) 417–442. IF (0.551)

·   I. Mrázová: GREN-Networks in WDI-Based Analysis of State Economies, LNAI 3213, Springer, Berlin, (2004) 1044-1050.

·   I. Mrázová, F. Mráz, Z. Reitermanová, M. Petříček: Phonetic Search in Foreign Texts, in: Proc. of  ANNIE 2008, St. Louis, USA, ASME Press Series, (2008) 533-540.

·   I. Mrázová, M. Kukačka: Hybrid Convolutional Neural Networks, in: Proc. of The IEEE Int. Conf. On Industrial Informatics, Daejeon, Korea, (2008) 469-474.

·   M. Chlada, Z. Převorovský, I. Mrázová: Selection of Signal Parameters for Analysis of AE-Sources, in: Proc. of Defektoskopie 2001, Prague, (2001) 317–327.

·   I. Mrázová: GREN-Networks: their Principles and Implications for Intelligent Data Mining, Chapter 5 in the book: D. Wang, N. K. Lee (eds.): Neural Networks Applications in Information Technology and Web Engineering, Borneo Publishing, (2005) 64–79.

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