How to navigate Roman Barták's site

This page containts information on Roman Barták's site structure. You can get there by clicking on icon that is placed in the top right corner of all pages. If you get there by this way, you can return to the original page by clicking the back button in your web browser. If you get there from page out of this site, you can explore my site by clicking one of the following links.

Site structure:

Home Page
introductory information

Curriculum Vitae
visit this page if you are interested on my research carrier and education

you can find collection of my papers (most of them are available on-line) at this page

there is a list of my presentations with transparencies which are available to download

this is a root to pages on individual projects (both research and commercial) that I am involved in

this page contains information on lectures which I give plus links to on-line textbooks and guides

annotated index of some popular search services (both worldwide and specific to Czech Republic)

On-line Guides
root page for my on-line tutorials


How to navigate

There are navigation buttons at the left column and at the bottom of each page of this site (this page is the only exception of this politic). By clicking these links you can get to the particular page. By clicking on icon that is placed in the top right corner of all pages, you get to this page. You do not need the web browser's gadgets to navigate through this site.


Site politics

All pages in this site are in English as I want them to be available to most Internet users. Some local information is avaliable in Czech only as it is not intended to wider public.

I minimize the number of pictures in pages for faster download but I endeavour to keep the page design as attractive as possible. The pages should display well in all widely used web browsers, the users of Windows will probably need to decrease the font size for best view.


Other sites that I have designed

On-line Guide to Prolog Programming
tutorial to programing in Prolog

Interactive Prolog Guide
my first tutorial to programming in Prolog

On-line Guide to Constraint Programming
tutorial to constraint programming

SKODA Welding s.r.o. site
commercial site of educational company (in Czech)

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