Projects of Roman Bartak
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Projects of Roman Barták

Research Projects

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
    I lead R&D activities of Visopt BV, The Netherlands/Israel, in the area of advaced systems for planning, scheduling and optimization of resources in the supply chain. This project exploits the cutting-edge technologies from the area of constraint programming.
  • constraint hierarchies
    Constraints belongs to my main research interests. I am working at design of general and efficient algorithms for solving constraint hierarchies including inter-hierarchy comparison (including theory, methodology and implementation). I am also looking for other areas of practical applications of constraints and constraint hierarchies, e.g., in expert systems and decision support systems.
  • constructive negation
    As a part of this project I proposed efficient implementation of constructive negation in logic programs (Prolog). Currently, I am working on extension of constructive negation to Hierarchical Constraint Logic Programming (HCLP).
  • meta-interpreters
    In cooperation with Prof. Petr Stepanek, I proposed a generalized architecture of extendible meta-interpreters. I am interested especially in reflectivity features of meta-interpreters and in usage of meta-interpreters to design extendible (open) systems. I also use continuously meta-interpreters to test my research ideas from constraint and logic programming.

On-line Education Projects

  • guide to Prolog programming
    This is an on-line tutorial to programming in Prolog. The programming language Prolog is explained using examples here, so it is good companion to tradition textbooks on Prolog. There is also a list of some Prolog implementations and links to other interesting materials on Prolog.
  • guide to constraint programming
    This is a tutorial to constraint programming. It covers constraint satisfaction algorithms as well as algorithms for solving over-constrained problems.

Software Projects

  • small office software
    I provide consulting services and customized software for offices.
  • media analysis
    This is a commercial project for advertising agencies and media companies. The software analyses reach of TVs, radios, newspapers and magazines, and provides tools for efficient planning of advertising campaigns.

    My contribution: I am a main architect of the system.
    Project status: successfully applied in advertising agencies; development continues
  • mobile robot
    The goal of this project is to design operational software for mobile robot (including planning and drivers). The project was solved originally in cooperation with US company Universal Synergetics and currently it proceeds as a joint project at Charles University and Czech Technical University.

    My contribution:  data structures and methodology for world map representation.
    Project status: continues without my participation
  • graphical user interfaces
    This was a student project whose goal was to develop software for design of graphical user interfaces using object-oriented methodology.

    My contribution: design of windowing subsystem
    Project status: successfully finished

If you think that my experience and expertise could contribute to your project, please contact me.

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