Evolutionary Algorithms II

The seminar consists of presentations on different selected topics prepared by the students. Ideally, each lesson will contain three presentations, thus, each presentation should be at most 30 minutes including questions and discussion.

You can come up with your topic, or you can choose one from the list bellow. There are two options regarding the content of the presentation: you can either choose an interesting application of evolutionary algorithms, implement it and present the results, or you can “only” study some interesting topic and tell us about it. If the selected topic is also included in the lecture, the presentation should contain something new (interesting application, some new algorithm, etc.). Repeating what Roman said during the lecture does not make sense.

Credit requirement

Calendar of the seminar

The selected topics and free slots for presentations are in a shared table. I sent you a link on February 20, 2024. It is also in the note in sis. If there is no presentation planned for a given day, the seminar is canceled.

List of topics

This list is incomplete, you can choose any other topic, which may be interesting for others and is at least a little connected to natural or artificial evolution, artificial life, or related fields. The links should provide some basic information about the topic, but you should use other sources in the presentation.

Applications of evolutionary algorithms

Theory of evolutionary computation

Books about evolution