Nature Inspired Algorithms

The aim of the lecture is to provide an introduction to nature-inspired algorithms, such as evolutionary algorithms, neural networks, etc.

The materials for the lecture are published on this page, the materials for the exercises are on Gabriela Kadlecová’s webpage.

The exam will be oral with time for preparation. The exam should test the topics covered in the lecture and their applications. A detailed description of the exam and a list of examined topics is on a separate page.

Previous lessons

Date Topic
Feb 19 Introduction - artificial intelligence, computational intelligence
Feb 26 Reinforcement Learning - Q-learning, SARSA, multi-agent reinforcement learning
Mar 4 Evolutionary Algorithms - Simple Genetic Algorithm, Operators, Fitness
Mar 11 Evolutionary Algorithms - Continuous and Combinatorial Optimization
Mar 18 Evolutionary Algorithms - Genetic Programming
Mar 25 Lecture cancelled (I will be on a conference)
Apr 1 Easter Monday
Apr 8 Neural Networks - Introduction
Apr 15 Neural Networks - RBF Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks
Apr 22 Neural Networks - Convolutional Networks and Image Processing
Apr 29 Neuroevolution
May 6 Swarm Algorithms - Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization
May 13 Deep Reinforcement Learning
May 20 Artificial Life