Seminar for new doctoral students

The goal of the seminar is to prepare students for academical tasks and their life in scientific community. The main topics of the seminar are:
  • Prepare and administrate grants, mainly GAUK
  • Practice presentation skills
  • Discuss various academical tasks like teaching and supervising, publishing papers and attending conferences, writing reports, foreign cooperation, and ethical questions
The seminar is designed for
  • 1st year doctoral students who are expected to write their first grant proposal
  • master students who are deciding whether doctoral study and academia would be an interesting option for their future career

Plan 2022/23

In the winter semester, we will meet on Tuesday at 14:00 in the office S305 at Malá Strana.
  • 4.10.: Introduction to Ph.D study
  • 11.11.: Grants
  • 18.11.: Grants
  • 25.11.: Martin Pilát: How to write GAUK projects