Propositional and Predicate Logic

Winter semester 2022/23

Previous years: ZS 2021/22 EN (by Jakub Bulín), ZS 2018/19 EN (by Martin Pilát), ZS 2015/16 EN, ZS 2014/15 EN.
Lecture in Czech: ZS 2022/23 CZ (Jakub Bulín).

Schedule: Tuesday 14:00-15:30, room S5.
Lecturer: Petr Gregor (gregor(at)
Information on the lecture: 2/2 Ex/C NAIL062 in SIS

Plan of the lecture
The plan is only preliminary. I will try to synchronize with the parallel lecture in Czech.

Recommended literature

The lecture is accompanied by tutorials on Tuesday 15:40-17:10, room S11.

To obtain a credit from tutorials you need at least 120 points. There will be two tests during the semester (each for 45 minutes). The first one (in the mid of semester) will cover propositional logic, the other (at the end of semester) will cover predicate logic. For each test you can obtain max 100 points. Apart from that you can obtain max 20 points for occasional homework(s). At the end of semester it will be possible to write a remedial test that will replace the worst of the previous two test (during the first week of the exam period). There will be no other chances for remedy.

The exam is oral with written preparation. Requirements for the exam correspond to the syllabus of the course in the extent that has been covered in the lecture. A prerequisite for the exam is the credit from the tutorials. Exam dates will be available in SIS. New: Details about the exam (questions, format, grading) are here.

Consultation hours
After the tutorials or by an (email) appointment.