Propositional and Predicate Logic

Winter semester 2016/17

Previous years: ZS 2015/16 EN, ZS 2014/15 EN.
Lecture in Czech: ZS 2016/17 CZ

Schedule: Monday 17:20-18:50, room S11.
Lecturer: Petr Gregor (gregor(at)
Information on the lecture: 2/2 Zk/Z NAIL062 in SIS

Plan of the lecture
The plan is only preliminary, almost surely it will not be fulfilled.

Recommended literature

The lecture is accompanied by a practical seminar.

The exam consists of an exam test and an oral exam. Details on the form and extent of the exam are specified here. An example of an exam test is here. A prerequisite for the exam is the credit from the seminar. Exam dates will be available in SIS.

Previous exam tests: 24.1.2017, 3.2.2017, 25.1.2018, 7.2.2018, 15.2.2018, 15.1.2019, 21.1.2019, 23.1.2019, 1.2.2019, 8.2.2019, 12.2.2019, 14.2.2019

Consultation hours
Wednesday 17:20 - 18:00 (after the seminar), or by an (email) appointment.

Any comments on inaccuracy or unclear parts of the lecture slides are most welcome.